Welcome to Mpls South Football!

***Congrats to Coach Sutton and his family on the birth of their baby daughter!!!

***Congrats to Coach Tucker and his family on the birth of their baby son!!!

We want to welcome you to Mpls South Football! Please check this site daily to see if there are any changes or last minute notifications.  

Coach Lossow's Philosophy:

I desire for the athlete’s body, mind and heart to be strengthened so that they will find success both in and out of the arena of competition.


The football team will provide an environment in which the student athlete can develop mentally, physically and relationally.


We will create an environment in which the student athlete is able to develop their skills and physically grow to where they can compete in the playing arena. We will create an environment in which the student athlete is able to develop and grow mentally in which they will gain an increase in knowledge in the sport and lessons in life which will allow them to compete in and out of the arena. We will create an environment in which the heart of the student athlete will understand what it means to be loved unconditionally which will help them love others in this way creating a positive and encouraging environment for all. This football program will be an environment in which the athlete develops holistically.

Last Minute Changes and Announcements

Announcements & Changes

  • 2018 Football Calendar-Practices and Games
  • Our Seniors this year are #1 Kodiak Shipquist, #2 Joey Erickson, #3 Josiah Lossow, #7 Chris Parshall, #15 Marcus Curry, #28 Brian Avre, #31 Nataera Hordofa, #62 Tre Thompson, #66 Hector Lopez-Rosales, #75 Ridwaan Abdikadir, #84 Dorrayn Tapplin.  We thank them for their commitment to the South Family Football Team.
  • 2018 Statistics can be found at MNFOOTBALLHUB
  • For a Complete Roster Click on this Link 

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Below are Links and Attachments to Forms and Fee Information.  All of this information was for the 2018 Season and is subject to change.

South Football Family Covenant

Click Here to access Covenant.  If you agree to be part of the South Football Family, you are in agreement to the South Football Family Covenant.  No Signature required.

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Thank you and Welcome to the 2018 South Football Family! Don't forget to check out the calendar for workouts, practices and games. Also make sure to contact Coach Lossow to find out about "Volt" our workout program.

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Please use the form to the left to sign up to join the South Football Family for this coming fall.    You will be placed on the roster and contacted about upcoming events.