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Parent Information

  • South Football Merchandise.  Store open until June 5th
  • Please Check 2019 Football Calendar Daily for updates and changes
  • Forms needed to participate are not yet available for Fall 2019.  Things to note:  The Fee is currently $30 for Free and Reduced Lunch and $90 if you do not receive Free and Reduced Lunch
  • Physicals are good for 3 years.  They do not transfer from Middle Schools to High Schools.  You must bring in a copy or your physical.  Places to get Free Physicals:  The South School Based Clinic--Call 612-668-4333.  TRIA is offering Free Physicals July 23rd, 25th, August 5th, 6th.  See Flyer
Volunteer Opportunities--Contact Coach Lossow if interested--More Opportunities will be added as they arise.
  • Chain Crew People Needed.  3 people to run chains at all home Varsity & JV Games are needed.  
  • People holding shields at practices in the fall needed.  
  • August 24th we will scrimmage Maple Lake from 9 am to Noon. I will need parents to run chains, grill, organize food and other unknown needs.

Los Campeones & South Football Relationship

  • $50 is the total amount for membership which goes from Monday June 10th to Sunday August 11th.
  • $30 will be paid by South Football, $20 will be paid by Football Player.
  • Any player not 18 years of age will need a parent present when they sign up for a membership.
  • Players are expected to lift 4 days per week using the South Football Program Work Out. Working out at Non-Peak Hours is preferred.
  • Los Campeones Rules and Expectations must be followed.
  • Contact Coach Lossow to obtain a Voucher to take with you when you sign up.
  • Coach Lossow is available to answer questions and demonstrate lifts if necessary 612 387 7963
  • Summer Workout Plan